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J. Channing

   Channing is entrepreneur and freelance writer.  While nineteen and still in college, he married his amazing chemical engineering wife. They graduated together from Montana State University in 1996. They Settled in Boise and most recently, Channing founded Zealot Future Weapons, LLC, a military equipment design company.   The Channing family travels extensively, frequenting such places as Japan, Singapore, Alaska, England, and Mexico.  

Melyssa Williams

 Melyssa Williams is a mom, sister, daughter, wife, friend, ballet teacher, ex-contemporary dancer, writer, and blogger, who resides in Southern Oregon. She was home schooled back in the day when it was slightly odd and eccentric, which came in handy when she decided to be a writer. She drinks coffee too often and reads fiction at inopportune times. She has parented inner city teens and wants to sky dive, but that’s the extent of her excitement. 

Justin Mitson

Justin Mitson is an engineer and manager for a semiconductor company in Boise, Idaho. Born in Butte, Montana, he spent most of his childhood roaming around the northwest, living in eighteen different locations before getting through high school. When not at his day or night job, Justin is also actively involved in the community, with his church, and as a small business owner. His two daughters have inspired him to write Children's books.